About Calisthenics

Although Calisthenics originated in England and Europe in the 1880’s Calisthenics was formed from a Greek word known as ( Kallos,sthenos ) “ Kallos “ for beauty and “ sthenos “ for strength.

By 1903 Royal South Street introduced Calisthenics to their famous Eisteddfod in Ballarat. Royal South Street is still a big focus to all Calisthenics clubs around Australia. The sport then became very popular, and rapidly spread throughout Australia. South Australia being in 1928, and ACT in the mid 1960’s. ​

Our Lessons

We now have our very own studio located at

5/25 Research Road, Pooraka.

All lessons from Tinies through to Seniors take place at the studio.

We also run ( Fit for Cali ) sessions which takes place in studio 2. To find out more information regarding our events please visit our events page.