About Calisthenics

Although Calisthenics originated in England and Europe in the 1880’s Calisthenics was formed from a Greek word known as ( Kallos,sthenos ) “ Kallos “ for beauty and “ sthenos “ for strength.

By 1903 Royal South Street introduced Calisthenics to their famous Eisteddfod in Ballarat. Royal South Street is still a big focus to all Calisthenics clubs around Australia. The sport then became very popular, and rapidly spread throughout Australia. South Australia being in 1928, and ACT in the mid 1960’s.

Our Lessons

We now have our very own studio located at

5/25 Research Road, Pooraka.

All lessons from Tinies through to Seniors take place at the studio.

We also run ( Fit for Cali ) sessions which takes place in studio 2. To find out more information regarding our events please visit our events page.