Our Coaches

​Our Coaches

Keron White - Principal Coach and Coach of Sub Junior Team 1 and Inter Team 1

I have been involved in Calisthenics for 34 years, and I began coaching at club level in 1997. I then took that next step into Ballarat and National teams in 2000 and never looked back.
As a coach I have taught all age groups and love seeing my pupils grow not only as talented dancers but confident young ladies
I am very proud of my achievements in calisthenics which include:

Winning Ballarat Sub Junior Championship in 2014

Winning Ballarat Sub Junior Div 1 2011

Assisting 6 National teams (winning 5 and reserve aggregate for the other)

Winning the overall State Championship aggregate every year since 2006.

Coached many Graceful and Solo competitors both at State and National levels, with many gaining places or winning their sections.

Coaching a National Soloist winner

CASA life member

2017 Junior National Head Coach NSW

2018 SA intermediate National Head Coach.

Philippa White - Juniors Team 1 and Tinies Competitive Team

If I am to be honest, Calisthenics is my life – I live & breathe it, that is how much I enjoy this incredible sport! I began Calisthenics at the age of 3, I am still participating as a Senior and have been coaching for the past 16 years. I have coached many age groups and am currently coaching Juniors and Tinies at Jem.

I first represented SA at the age of 10 and continue to do so performing at state and national levels for 15 years. I have also assisted and coached at National Level for the past 10 years and am currently still in this role. I am very dedicated to this sport and enjoy seeing the girls learning and continuously improving. As well as coaching teams, I coach many girls in Graceful and Solos, which I am also very passionate about. These girls range from tinies through to inter age.

As a coach I have had the opportunity to teach all age groups and love seeing my pupils grow, not only as talented dancers but beautiful, confident young ladies. I truly embrace my role as a Calisthenics coach and my dedication is reflected in the results my pupils achieve. And, being a part of the awesome team that is Jem Calisthenics College, is an accomplishment I am wholeheartedly proud of!

State and National teams performed in: 1996, 1999-2003, 2005-2008, 2011

National teams Assistant coach: 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2018,2019

Development teams Head Coach: 2014, 2017

Hayley Burgess - Sub-Junior 2 Coach and senior Co Coach.

I have been involved in Calisthenics for 33 years. I initially began my journey Paralin Calisthenics Club, then moved over to Northern Districts Calisthenics. Throughout this time, I have competed at State and Interstate level.

I started my coaching journey when I was 16 years old coaching a sub junior 2 and 3 team. Since then I have coached teams in all age groups, also solo, duo and graceful girls. Throughout my coaching career I have won a number of aggregates, taught some amazingly talented young ladies and have made life-long friendships.

Thank you for welcoming me and my family into Jem Calisthenics College, as a mum and as a coach….

Rachel Phillips. - Junior 2 Coach

I began calisthenics when I was 7 years old and am still competing now as a Senior. I began coaching 11 years ago and have coached across Sub Juniors, Juniors, Intermediate and Senior teams.

I have coached Junior 2's at Jem for the last 3 years. I have also coached Solos, Duo's and Graceful Girls and as a competitor I have been lucky enough to be part of State teams as well as the SA Precision team performing in London and China.

Jem is a wonderful club to coach at and I enjoy sharing my passion for calisthenics with the girls I coach and watching the team improve their skills and confidence in calisthenics.

Tracey  Bettens - Senior Coach

I have Been involved in calisthenics for over 30yrs as competitor and a coach. I have Coached graceful Girls, solos and duos. 

I also have had the opportunity to coach all age groups from Tinies right through to Seniors. From 2014 till 2015 I was also given the opportunity to be an  Assistant coach of the Darwin development teams.

2018 is my first year coaching seniors at Jem Calisthenics College, and I am loving seeing all the girls improve week after week.

Kelly Drake Brockman - Tinie Demonstration Team

I began Calisthenics when I was 7 and competed at an elite level for 18 years. I represented SA at the Royal South Street Eisteddfod in Ballarat in Junior, Inter Championship and Senior sections. During those years I have been fortunate to be trained by many talented coaches, develop friendships and perform successfully on stage as part of a Team.

My Cali coaching journey started when I was 16 and in the late 80’s I was Assistant Coach for the Ballarat Intermediate State Teams. I have since coached Teenies, Tinies; Sub-Junior and Junior sections as well as Solo’s, Duo’s and Graceful Girls in all age sections including Masters. In 2017 I was the Assistant Coach for the Darwin Development Sub-Junior Team with Miss Pip and I have been a member of the Calisthenics Association of SA (CASA) Committee for several years.
I studied acting at the Adelaide School of Drama; undertook professional singing lessons and performed in many musical and drama theatre productions - skills I incorporate into my coaching.

When not coaching Cali, I am a Social Worker working with at risk children and families who are disadvantaged. These skills work extremely well with Cali in providing a supportive, caring and fun environment whilst developing Cali technique and embracing challenges that the sport brings.

I am excited to be a part of the Jem Coaching Team and look forward to a fabulous year ahead.